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Travel Tips - 9 Packing Hacks That Will Change Your Travelling Life Forever

Read on for The Travel Hop's ingenious packing hacks that will help lighten your load

Read on for The Travel Hop's ingenious packing hacks that will help lighten your load

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a fly-and-flop beach break, or an epic month-long trip around Europe; you’ll need to pack a bag, and you’ll need to pack it right.

After all, when travelling we all have baggage - some more than others - and living out of a suitcase can be a real struggle if you don’t put some thought into packing ahead of time. If you’re already stressing about what to take for your next holiday, don’t panic. Instead, read on for 9 ingenious packing hacks that will help lighten your load.


First thing's first - splurge on the best luggage you can afford

Given that your suitcase will be with you for many many trips to come, it pays (literally) to invest in the best that you can afford. And when it comes to brands, Samsonite comes out on top again and again. Producing killer cases for more than a century, its wide range of products includes hard and soft cases, backpacks, garment bags, and much more.


It's a packing cliche, but you've gotta roll with it...

Folding clothes? Big mistake. If you want to save spice and reduce wrinkles, then rolling your clothes is the way to go. Rolling aside, remember the golden rule of packing if weight allowance or space is an issue: less is always more.


The naughty inclination most of us feel when in a hotel room to indulge in petty pilfering can actually help with your packing. Obviously there’s the handy, travel-sized toiletries, which goes without saying, but hotel rooms can also yield other convenient goodies.

Firstly, draw-string fabric bags in the wardrobes - though semi-disposable, they’re fantastic for housing dirty laundry. Secondly, the free plastic shower caps fit perfectly over dirty shoes, ensuring everything else in your bag stays clean.


For organisational ease, packing cubes are a must-have

Clothes shift a lot in transit and that could mean a disaster (and more work) when you open your suitcase at the other end. Investing in specially designed packing cells means that your socks are sorted from your smalls, and your swimmers from your party dresses. Also consider waterproof dry bags to keep liquids and any wet clothing that you haven’t had the chance to dry in-between travels.

Kathmandu stock both clear packing cells (so you can easily identify what’s inside) in three sizes, alongside waterproof dry bag, in addition to cells in a range of sizes and colours.


Add some Zen to your hotel room with a travel candle

Transform a dull, drab, personality-free hotel room into a mini-sanctuary by taking along a travel candle. They’ll make the room look (and smell) infinitely more inviting, plus the addition of one to the hotel bath will make for a perfect post-landing, jet lag-relieving activity. Glasshouse Fragrances have a range of triple scented miniature travel candles handmade in Australia.


Ladies - make sure that your powder compact and eyeshadows remain intact during transit by employing a simple trick: placing cotton wool balls on top to prevent them breaking. Easy.


Hydrate on the go and save space at the same time with a bladder

Save cash, space and the environment by ditching your bottle for a bladder or CamelBak instead. Available in varying sizes, these water containing wonders are easily refillable, mould to any space and reduce in size as you drink, and mean that stumping up cash for a drink onboard planes or while you sightsee will be a thing of the past. Kathmandu have a great range available.


Let’s be honest - you’ll more than likely bring a souvenir or some shopping back home. And if you’re particularly inclined towards retail therapy abroad, then allowing space in your suitcase for purchases on the return journey is an essential. Consider packing bubble wrap (also handy to protect anything fragile you may buy) and check your weight allowance!


Carrying a few bags should be part of your overall packing strategy. Plastic bags or dust covers from shoes or handbags are perfect for dirty shoes or laundry, and ziplock bags are great for leaky toiletries. The list of uses is almost endless.


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